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Questions and answers for commercial and private travellers.

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Where are you located?

2000 Jubilee Parkway, Campbell River BC V9H 1T5

Hours of Operation?

Airport Administration is open 08:00-16:00 M-F (statutory holidays excluded).
Airport Maintenance is on site 05:30-20:30 daily. Aircraft can arrive after hours as there is an ARCAL lights system in place (radio operated).
NAV Canada Flight Services is open 05:30-21:30 daily. Mandatory frequency for Flight Services is 122.0 MHz.

Is there a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) on site?
No, however the airport does supply Jet A-1 Fuel 0700-2000 daily.
Do you supply aircraft fuel?

Yes, YBL supplies Jet A-1 fuel 0700-2000 daily. We have single point and overwing fuelling capability. 

Sealand Flight supplies avgas (100LL). They may be reached at 250 – 895 – 9089. 

Are car rentals available?
Yes, National Car Rental and Budget Car Rentals have counters in the terminal building.
Is vehicle parking available?
Yes. vehicle parking is available directly adjacent to the terminal building. The first hour is free, $5 for up to 12 hours, $8 for 24 hours, $40 / week, $100 / month. The parking meter machine is inside the terminal building. Contact Airport Administration for annual parking passes.
Is ground transportation available?

Yes, Campbell River Cabs 250 – 914 – 1010; Beeline Taxi 250 – 287 – 8383; Waivin Flags Taxi 250 – 287 – 8294

CR Airport Shuttle 250 – 914 – 1010 

How long is the YBL runway?
Runway 12-30 is 6,500×150 feet, grooved. Elevation is 346 feet above sea level.
What is the rated pavement strength?

Pavement is rated to PLR 12, and can handle up to Boeing 737s

Are there landing fees to use the airport?

Yes, there are landing and other fees for use of the runway and apron. Private piston aircraft are currently exempt. Fee schedules are available here.

Can aircraft park at YBL?

Yes, paved and grass parking is provided for a fee. Note that between June 15 and September 15 a surcharge for parking on a paved surface is in effect. Fee schedules are available here.

Do you have customs service?

YBL is certified as an Airport of Entry 15. Customs service is provided with advance notice. Arriving aircraft must make their own arrangements with the Canada Border Services Agency at least 2 hours, but not more than 48 hours before flying into Canada. Contact Customs (CanPass) at 1 – 888 – 226 – 7277 to arrange your visit.

Are lavatory services available?

The airport does not offer lav services; however, local septic services may be available. 

Is aircraft catering available?

YBL does not provide catering. Contact local restaurants in the Campbell River area to make arrangements here.

Where can I get a weather forecast?

Detailed forecasts are available from Environment Canada.

Aviation weather and NOTAMs are available from NavCanada